A Sweater Fit For A Man

This weekend I finally finished a huge FO.  I finished the sweater I designed myself for my husband, and I believe I can brand this one raging success.

Cabled collar & epilates

Cabled collar & epilates


Pattern: My own design, currently nameless
Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool Solids 8 Skeins, one hell of a deal!
Needles: US 6 through out (I did this so that the K2, P2 wouldn’t pull in and would lay flat when worn & wouldn’t create a “muffin top” look)

Cabled Sleeves

Cabled Sleeves

The Mr needed a new sweater, and since he has been wearing his saddle shoulder ez sweater constantly I decided a hand knit was quite appropriate for someone who had shown so much love for the first sweater I knit him.

So I had set off in search for a pattern. I searched to the very bowls of Ravelry and you know what I came up with? Nothing. There was not one single sweater pattern for free or for purchase that was sized so that I could just knit it for my husband.

Seaming detail

Seaming detail

I don’t think words could express how frustrated I was by this fact.  To search through so many different designers and not find one single person who had written a pattern to accommodate a man sized man.  I know some people have thin men in their lives, but I have never been one of them.  I grew up in Minnesota and I like a man that could survive the winter with out shivering to death like a half  frozen chihuahua.  There is also a certain attractiveness about a man that can haul a fridge strapped to his back if he were so inclined. (You might not think that would be useful, but it so is).

So what is a wife of this man to do? Do I let him go sweaterless because there isn’t a pattern to go by? No. (Of course I could knit another saddle shoulder EZ sweater, but if you’ve knit one, you might know it’s not necessarily something you want to do OVER & OVER again, and for a big man? a seamless sweater becomes quite cumbersome).

So I designed one. I used Anne Bud’s sweater guide as a rough outline, but you know what? Even she didn’t size big enough. So a lot of what I did I made up along the way.

Cabled Seaming Details.

Cabled Seaming Details.


It’s all in the details: My husband isn’t a man who (yet) will wear a full on cabled aran sweater.  He’s appreciates the “beautiful” stockingknit stitch, and though that makes for easy knitting, it also makes for boring knitting.  So there was a compromise.

I must be allowed to cable the arms.  He agreed only if he could pick out the cable. Fantastic! He picked out two cables and they turned out quite lovely.  I would have picked a more complicated one, but I think this is just enough and still “manly”. 

Another thing I did that I’m quite happy about is that I inserted a cable next to each seam stitch.  I didn’t think this was going to be a big deal in the long run, but it turned out so beautifully.

Cable seaming details.

Cable seaming details.

It added such a lovely little unexpected punch.

Another thing the Mr requested was a cabled collar, he thought it would be really cool.  I admit I was a little hesitant about it, I was worried about it standing up weird, or that it might look like a necklace, or too girly, but I said I would try.

Cabled Collar

Cabled Collar

I’m quite glad I followed his request. The collar is beautiful and really subtle. I think anything bigger than this garlic braid he picked out would have been too much, but this is quite lovely.  I also added another twist to the cable on the epaulet because I wanted a full diamond repeat before the collar.  So many aspects of this sweater came together so beautifully that I suspect I must have had some serious knit karma built up.

Hes pretty darn happy with the result.

He's pretty darn happy with the result.

So in light of this success, I have decided to finish the math and publish this pattern so that no woman will ever be want for a sweater in an extended size. I’m aiming for the end of this month.


18 thoughts on “A Sweater Fit For A Man

  1. Great sweater! Hubby looks good in it, too. You are the luckest knitter to have a husband who not only wears what you knit him, but even helps in the design! You have a keeper – both the sweater and the hubby!

  2. That is so awesome! I love the bright color and the way the little garlic cables trace out all the details. That is so fantastic and you can tell from the pictures that he loves it! What a lucky guy!

  3. I will say it again. It looks GREAT!!!! Your hubby seems to just love it! Congrats on designing a sweater that a “man sized man” can wear!

  4. I think it’s safe to say that this was a raging success! The design is absolutely wonderful… I LOVE the attention to detail, especially at the seams and around the neckline.

    Need a test knitter??


  5. Beautiful! I’m glad that you’re publishing it. I’m not ready to knit him a sweater yet (sweater curse, ack!) but my boyfriend is also of the barrel-chested variety.

  6. Although the overall design of Mr. Man’s sweater is perfect – I totally agree with your decision to add the cabeling on the sleeve seam. Its such a great detail & really sets this sweater apart from just a-nu-ther sweater. Kind of like a little hidden gem. Good Job Preita!

    Hey, I caught your self spun, fngrls mitts – very nice. . . ginny

  7. I really wish I could see the pictures but they’re blocked on this computer. Boo. So, my computer crashed again and I’ve been out of commission for a week. Do me a favor and call me. I’m going to a sewing workshop this weekend and want to know if you need more stuff sacks. Also, I finally unpacked my sewing stuff, and as soon as I locate your bag requested from last year, I’ll mail it out.

    Is it a bad idea to leave my phone number in a comment? Probably. But, if you can edit the comment and delete it, that would be awesome. Or, just delete the comment.

  8. Preita it turned out fantastic! A bold man in a bold color. I love it. I will more than gladly purchase a copy of this pattern. That is just incredible that not only did you design it but with all the cables too. My head hurts just thinking about it. Thanks for sending the email.

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