All Handspun, All The Time

It’s currently raining in Ventura County, yesterday it was sunny and in the 80’s.   I still miss the constant cold, the reliable nose-hair freezing weather that stays put for six months.  You may think I’m nuts, but 350 days of constant sun can be just as depressing. Or maybe it’s just me.

Anywho, since it’s been quite chilly at night down here by the beach I whipped up a small project.

Toasty; true to the name.

Toasty; true to the name.


Pattern: Toasty
Yarn: My own handspun BFL
Needles: US 7 DPN’s throughout

I had seen this pattern quite a bit around ravelry but never thought much of it, then I randomly (because with me everything is random) had the urge to knit my own handspun RIGHT THIS SECOND!  But what to knit? Not everything is suited to a beginning spinners handspun.  These were amazing though.  I was completely impressed with myself how these knit up.

They are rustic and silky at the same time. There are some blobs of thicker yarn here & there but mostly they are pretty damn uniform. And the feel?  You know that feeling of a good bowl of oatmeal on a cold winter morning? How you feel so damn good eating it that you (for a minute) convince yourself you are going to eat oatmeal for the rest of you life? Yeah, that’s what it feels like, but better.

In spinning news I finished spinning up the rest of my white BFL and dyed it with kool aid. Ok, people, I have to say something.  I loved kool aid when I was a kid, but now that I’m an adult?  Does anyone actually give this to their kids anymore?  It’s so damn gross.  Sickly sweet and artificial smelling! Course I believe the same thing about jello too.

Bad for drinking, great for dying!

Bad for drinking, great for dying!

That’s 400+ yards of light sport weight that’s going to become some socks 🙂 I’m totally in love with the color for sure.

Next up is some Shetland. I’d say this is heavy sport/ aran weight before washing & thwacking.  I’m not sure what it will do once it’s out of the bath but I’m almost hoping it will plump up.  My next goal is to learn to spin thicker while keeping it even.  I have approximately 6 more ounces of this stuff which I’m thinking of knitting into a wrap of some sort.

Shetland 2 ply

Shetland 2 ply

There’s still some fluffy points where I’m not sure how that happened but it’s much more even.  Also It hink I’ve got the standard plying down.

So dear readers, I need your help on picking  a wrap, any ideas?


4 thoughts on “All Handspun, All The Time


    If those mitts were mine I would -never- take them off. Not even to sleep. Handspun knits are so awesome!!!

    Can you tell I am completely jealous?

    ps. LOVE.

  2. Weird. I have literally just finished eating a bowl of porridge and was wondering why I don’t eat it every day. You read my mind!

  3. Isn’t knitting with your handspun the best? It’s so rewarding. Even better, the yarn is exactly what you want.

    Love your red yarn … on your red hair! LOL.

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