Gone With The Wind

And just like that the knitting mojo is gone. It’s not really gone, but rather resisting.  My mojo has set up a splinter cell against the projects in my life and have been leading a steady stream of attacks, weakening the defences of sweaters, mittens, and scarves alike.  I will not give in though. I will not cast on anything new no matter how badly my heart desires it until I have finished one damn thing. That thing, being the Mr’s sweater. I have one sleeve and a collar left. I can make the push in a weekend, but it won’t be happening this weekend.

This weekend will be dedicated to unearthing the guest bedroom and removing 3 metric tons of crap shoved in there. See, Rebecca’s coming in like two weeks. That gives us two solid weekends to get this place habitable.  I don’t know where we are going to put all the crap we clean out of there, but I will figure that out Saturday.  Before and after pictures will be produced inducing you, dear reader into a jaw dropping of epic proportions. Seriously, there’s barely a path in that room right now.  I am going to war against the junk armed with just a vacuum and my wits. 

In a random note, and going against the “no new yarn till may” promise I made myself, last Thursday one of the ladies in my knit group gave me a gift certificate in appreciation for teaching a free class on how to use Ravelry.  I’m so incredible appreciative of it and now have to figure out which yarn to buy which is turning out to be quite the task.  Just goes to show you how the random acts of kindness from people can really make your day. 🙂

I promise to have an FO soon, hopefully the Mr’s sweater which really needs to get off my needles and out of my mind so I can work on other newer more fun projects.


5 thoughts on “Gone With The Wind

  1. I can’t wait to see pictures 🙂 I like before and afters! And I hope you get your knitting mojo back! Mine is here and just working like a mad women on all kinds of things!!

  2. Good luck clearing out the guest bedroom. I’d be in trouble too if someone decided they were going to stay with us. Closets are wonderful things.

    Fooey. I vote for you casting on something new. It’ll reenergize you, reminding you of your love to knit.

  3. I totally understand having to clear out junk. When Hubby and I moved into our new house, I was determined that my junk would not follow. I was ruthless. If I had not seen/used/worn something in 1 year, it got tossed or donated. It felt good letting go of the physical stuff that cluttered up my life.

    Hope your mojo comes back soon.

  4. Ooooh, I hate it when the mojo disappears!
    I forget if you said you can read while you’re knitting but if not you should try it (it’s not as hard as it looks!) and if so that really helps me get through the slumps.
    I just pick some really juicy and/or trashy novel and get cranking. You’ll be on to the next project before you know it!

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