It’s been brought to my attention that I have been remiss in my regular posting. I have been writing, just not here, so in order to appease my emailers here’s a completely random non-thought out blog post, complete with random pictures.

First off, I’ve hit 27000 some odd words for the month of January so far. Kind of crazy, considering I am a person who had incredible trouble writing a short story in high school and college.

Also, the Mr came home last weekend with Rock Band 2, the complete set. This made for the most unproductive weekend on the face of the earth. He’s gotten pretty good at the guitar though, and I’m singing along (the horror I know) to the songs on hard & getting a 98% efficacy rating, who knew I could carry a tune. I blame all those years of violin lessons & orchestra. I can definitely hear it, but who knew I could reproduce it.

I came home the other day from work and was asulted by the sweetest smelling flowers on the face of the earth. Since we do not have potent flowers in our yard I went to investigate. I found that the roses were in bloom (again) but that’s not where it was coming from.

So I walked around my back yard sniffing this way and that (Yes, I’m sure I looked like a complete lunatic, but for those of you who know me personally you know I couldn’t care less) and finally found what was producing this amazing sweet smell.

Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom

My orange trees bloomed. And they smell amazing!  There were even ripe oranges (though they are, um, mini).

Mini Orange!

Mini Orange!

Of course for every orange that turns out perfectly there is it’s lesser red neck cousin lower on the tree who wasn’t as fortunate.

And yes, I may have only taken a picture of this orange because it reminded me of a butt, yes I am juvinile, what of it?

And yes, I may have only taken a picture of this orange because it reminded me of a butt, yes I am juvinile, what of it?

In other news Bob the cat has taken up water scrying.  He will sit at this bowl for hours just staring into it.   I bet you feel pretty inferior right now as you realize that you yourself do not posses a future seeing cat, but rest assured, it’s worth nothing because his grasp of the English language sucks.

I sees your future

"I sees your future"


This weekend I’m going to finish at least one damn knit. And Monday I will show you something more in line with the knit aspect of this blog.  I need to get my butt in gear because I really want to knit Sylvi (non ravelry users can see it here)  for my Minnesota trip (I would make mine shorter as bigger girls like me have no reason to be in a long sweater coat and minus the hood). I also think that I’m going to try to whip this out pre-trip too, but that might be pushing it.  First off I have to finish the Mr’s sweater which hopefully I can do this weekend! 🙂

And just in case you think my knitting chart obsession only revolves around humping reindeer I bring you humping elephants.

Humping Elephants knit chart

Humping Elephants knit chart

This is obviously the property of the creator and not me. It is a free chart but I in no way represent this as my own. 🙂 Here is the ravelry link.


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  1. Rock band is a blast! It was depressing when I thought I was a good singer until I realized you can humm and mumble and still get the same score.

  2. I’m lovin’ Rock Band as well, though haven’t mustered up the courage to tackle anything but easy! Love the butt orange and the future seeing cat.

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