Filler: It’s a good thing!

I seem to have a terrible case of starteritus.  I have roughly  6 projects on needles right now all about 1/2 done. Hopefully I will be able to make some kind of push this week or this weekend and get at least one done.  If you are wondering at my lack of any FO’s (which is totally not in my nature) I can give a small glimpse of what I have been spending my free time on.

I still feel a little bit silly about this writing process when I think about it, or have to tell people about it, but it’s getting better.  I’m really enjoying myself and I got a great response out of the Mr last night for some of my new pages.  I have found that one character I really liked in the beginning is actually getting on my last nerve and the opposition of my main characters actually make me a little queasy because after I re-read what I wrote I realize how creepy & fantastically evil they are. Sometimes I don’t know how this all is coming out of my own brain, but it is, and as surprising as that may be it’s also quite energizing. 🙂

So though I may not be very entertaining now I do have some projects to show off soon.  Projects with cables, cables & …. more cables. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Filler: It’s a good thing!

  1. Well, you can blame the creepy evil parts on your genetic heritage. It is known that the Finlanders were named as evil wizards because they worshiped the Moon. All good scandinavians worshiped the Sun.

  2. I don’t think there is anything silly about your novel writing. Though, I admit, I was very sheepish at first when telling people that I designed knitting patterns. I suppose I still am.

    BTW – Your glass of milk is sitting WAY too close to your laptop. You have cats. Accidents happen.

  3. Wow, have I been out of the loop! I just read your blog, and I have to tell you, I enjoy (and have always enjoyed) reading your blog. I am so excited for you and your venture of writing a book.

    What an incredible New Year you are having already! I am so happy for you Preita. I want to be just as inspired. Hope to see you soon. Knit on…you are amazing!

  4. Came to your website by way of Ravelry. Haven’t gotten too far because I noticed…

    We have the exact same couch. 😛

    Great blog! Once I’m not so distracted, I will run around reading it for awhile.

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