UFO Sightings.

This last week has been busy for me, I didn’t feel like posting with out pictures so here’s a whole lot of information with a *few* pictures. 

1. I’m teaching a class on how to use Ravelry  at Anacapa Fine YarnsJan 15th, which is this Thursday. There will be a manual provided so you can take it home and get your butt on Ravelry already. This class is free and open to all.


2. I’m heading to Minnesota March 26-30th. Mostly to visit my family, but I will be free for a lunch or two, and I’m trying to remember if I know of any Minnesota based knitters or flickr users. If so email me! We’ll have a meet up, dork style.


3.  I’ve developed a severe case of hybrid road rage. Seriously, if your little hybrid prius, civic or toyotta can’t go above 40 mph, get your ass out of the fast lane. Especially on the 101 going through LA. You people make me conteplate getting a gun and I’m really not that voilent of a person.


4.  I played rock band for the first time this last weekend at Will’s house and it freaking rocked.


5. I’ve been knitting. It feels like I haven’t completed anything in forever. But I’m close on two (three? four?) fronts. So here are some UFO sightings.

The sleeve to the Mrs newest sweater. He picked out the cable & Im really enjoying it.

The sleeve to the Mr's newest sweater. He picked out the cable & I'm really enjoying it.

I would love to say that I’m done with this sleeve, but I got worried about the width, and seemed it up, then I realized if it fit me perfectly, it would not, most likely, fit the husband. I’m now 1/2 way through the new sleeve that is cannibalizing off this.  This time though I’ve added two cables next to the seem stitches and it is going to freaking rock.

Cabled Scarf in Lambs Pride

Cabled Scarf in Lambs Pride

This scarf is nearing 1/2 done. It’s an easy cable once you get started and pretty easily memorized, I love how complicated it looks. This cable is from the Vogue Stitchinary Vol. 2.

Close up

Close up

Is there anything that Lambs Pride isn’t good for? Seriously (and I know some people don’t like the mohair addition, but I love the fuzz) I think it probably could protect us from nuclear fall out.  It’s breathable, incredibly warm and the mohair collects rain drops & fog condensation with out getting you wet. Pretty damn impressive I would say.


6. My cousin shamed me into getting on facebook, now all I do is look up those popular people who were terrible to me for 8 years of Jr & High School and smile that they are loosers. Sucks to peek in high school, where do you have to go from there?


7. I would probably be going to hell for that last one, but I’m a Unitarian and snark is in our nature!


8. Cat pictures, because I am that woman:

hes cute and fluffy, but usually pretty slashy!

SUE: he's cute and fluffy, but usually pretty slashy!

Bob couldnt look pretty if his life depended on it. The most I can hope for is Slack Jawed Yokle as hes a mouth breather.

Bob couldn't look pretty if his life depended on it. The most I can hope for is "Slack Jawed Yokle" as he's a mouth breather.

But he does have cute toes.

But he does have cute toes.


10 thoughts on “UFO Sightings.

  1. Aw, I love the toe pic.

    Also… I have a seriously intense love of cabling, all of a sudden. Your new projects look fun 🙂

  2. I love all the pictures! I can’t wait to see that sweater and scarf completed!!! I do love the pictures of the cats… Just can’t be around them, oh the joys of highly allergic-ness!

  3. Ya see, that is precisely why I drive a big ass pickup. If they don’t go fast enough, (unless I am in an agrigultural area or it’s a semi) I will drive right on their asses until they pull over.

    Driving too slow can be just as dangerous as driving too fast sans road rage.

  4. Love the scarf… Love the color.. I am jealous of the Ravelry class… I am sure I could learn from you!! Danm little cars… I am glad that I just have to watch out for the squirls on my “comute” to work.. Hugs…

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