Lets Get This Party Started

So this is 2009, and what have you done with it so far? Yes, it’s only a few days and many of us are probably already pushing off our new years resolutions, but some of are doing them in force.  I’ve been writing quite a bit the last few days, fleshing out my story and getting a good a good feel for my characters.  I have set up the lap top on the coffee table and have found it quite nice to sit on the couch and write.  The Mr has been an amazing help. Every day I bring him a few new pages for him to proof and pick his brain. Only my dad has read more fantasy (and honestly, just plane books) than the Mr. Dad, trust me I’m shooting an email your way for critiques too.

Speaking of books? I picked up and finished Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia this weekend.  My dad had sent this book to the Mr for his birthday this last August and though the Mr has read it roughly four (maybe five?) times already I had never really thought about it. The Mr reads the same book about five times each before it hits the shelf. Every flat surface in our house has at least one book on it as he usually reads five at a time (don’t ask me how either cause I can’t even read with the TV on).

So yeah, honestly people? This book freaking rules. I usually don’t review books and honestly don’t always recommend books cause if I recommend Terry Prachett I usually get back “OMG Have you read The Secret” and my brain instantly turns to mush so this is a big deal.  I think the whole thing is brilliant and pretty damn funny, probably one of the reasons that I like it so much is the main character could probably be the Mr’s twin (except for the gun & violence thing). So yeah, I heard that they are doing a second printing of this the summer of 2009 I would definitely recommend you going and ordering a copy.

So yes, in other news? I am baking bread. I may have found my new addiction for the year of 2009. As knitting was my (and lets face it, IS) current addiction of 2008 I’m adding another skill to my giant bag o tricks. 5 minute artisan bread is awesome. My dad bought me this book for my birthday and this is honestly the first time I have tried baking bread out if it (yeah I know, I’m lame). It was seriously easy and the result is fucking awesome. So I want to know, if there are really only 4 ingredients in basic white bread, how come there are 20 listed on the bag you buy from the store? Something to think about.

I made bread & it was fucking tastey

I made bread & it was fucking tastey

In other news I still think this year is going to rock, I just have the all around feeling that this is the year that is going to make up for the last two.  My SIL is finally getting some sort of divine intervention with her condo of doom and will soon be free from the continuing advance of the army of black mould, and honestly, if that’s the only good thing that happens this year, well I say “Fuck Yeah” for it.


6 thoughts on “Lets Get This Party Started

  1. Baking my own bread is one of my goals for 2009, too! I used to work in a bakery, and I still daydream about all that wonderful toasty bread coming out fof the ovens and straight onto the racks. Yum! I asked for “The Bread Maker’s Apprentice” for Christmas, sfter trying a recipe I found online. But alas, I didn’t get it. Maybe I’ll try your book. Your bread looks AMAZING!

    Also, glad to hear that your story is moving along. I have a habit of falling in love with fictional characters, and I think it would be one of life’s *best* things to write my own characters. Way to go for it!

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