A mitten of a different color.

I took a x-mas knitting break yesterday to cast on for a little something different.

Colorworked & cabled, the strongest wind in the world isnt getting through!

"Colorworked & cabled, the strongest wind in the world isn't getting through!"

Elinore’s Mittens by Pamela Wayne. This is a fun, interesting lovely pattern. They are going to need a GOOD soak to loosen them up a tad as my color work is dense anyways, and with cables, well I think I’ve created the new Kevlar ;D

Dense enough to stop a speeding bullet!

"Dense enough to stop a speeding bullet!"

 Tonight we are heading over to the parents house to decorate their tree, and frankly the weirdest thing happened the other night at family dinner. For the first time in probably the history of man, my FIL walked in to the room, looked at my MIL & me and stated TWO things he wants for Christmas. TWO THINGS HE WANTS! This has never happened. It’s always been a guessing game which we all have (seriously) lost.

So not only is he getting the sweater, but a few other things he actually asked for. Crazy. And I may have bullied my MIL into finally giving me a good idea for Christmas.

16 days till the big C. I think I’m going to be sick.

I’m also going to make a 2009 declaration. I’m not going to buy any single yarn until I’ve knit my stash down so that it would fit in 1 rubbermaid container (with out space bags lol). I don’t know what the future holds but I need my stash to be easily mobile.


3 thoughts on “A mitten of a different color.

  1. WHOA!!!!!!!!!!! 1 rubbermaid container???? Don’t you have a closet full of yarn? LOL! I have 3 underbed storage containers… Does that count as 1 rubbermaid?

    I love the mittens.. You can always send them to the East Coast where is cold 😉 Just kidding!

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