I didn’t get to take as many pictures as I wanted yesterday because well…I was cooking like a mad woman & trying not to feel judged lol. I don’t think anyone was actually judging me, (well, maybe one person,) but I was worried about it.  Everything went off with out a hitch (for the most part!). I did manage to have my stuffing a little, um, soggy at one point, and I did manage to also completely soak the table as I was pouring water into the glasses. But we all laughed (me first!) and mopped it up & went on with dinner.

First off, I got my chairs done. Here is the end result, complete with Cat.

Hes guarding it from the other cats as hes the only cat I have that doent scratch furniture.

He's guarding it from the other cats as he's the only cat I have that doen't scratch furniture.

The Mr giving me the “I don’t want you to take my picture so I’m going to make this face and think you won’t enjoy this picture” face. Funny thing is, I love this expression & I have many pictures of him making this face. 🙂

Turkey ready to go into the oven.

Turkey ready to go into the oven.

There might have been some pre-thanksgiving antics by me.



The gold ware (get it, as it’s not silver! HA!) belonged to my mom, I guess it still technically belongs to her, but I inherited it early as they sold their house & now live out of an Airstream & have no room for such things. I dig it, the gold matches the china (which is why I’m sure she got it in the first place, my mom is matchy-matchy) and it’s really different. I love opening up the gold ware box because they just glow!

When I casually mentioned to people that if they broke a plate I wouldn’t be able to easily replace it the plate collector gene flipped on (they all love dishes) and said…well for CHRISTMAS we could get you some. Grandma even went so far as to flip over a plate, find the manufacture & design & write it down.

She will be sorely surprised when she realizes the dinner plates alone now costs $250. Yeah, my mom, she has good taste 🙂 (and I have to admit, I never cared about china, but the more I looked at these plates the more I really liked them).

We are purposely refusing to smile

"We are purposely refusing to smile"

It kind of makes me sad that the Mr’s grandparents completely refuse to look at me and smile for a picture. I have such lovely beautiful portraits of my grandparents I wanted the same of his. But, alas, they are diffrent people, and though I realize not everyone loves getting their photo taken I think it’s important that it’s done as often as possible.  I have lost to many family members that refused to let their picture be taken, and then what are you left with?

Thankfully their daughter is not the same way.

Thankfully their daughter is not the same way.

I have to say, I love my Mr’s aunt. She continually cracks me up & says the most hilarious things. I think this lady gets away with more gibes at the grandparents than anyone else! And now I think the funny face for the camera thing might be genetic 😀

Chris, Ruben & Jerry

Chris, Ruben & Jerry


And just in case you think I only post unflattering pictures of people here is a nice one.

I am Jerry, and I am the essense of CUTE.

"I am Jerry, and I am the essense of CUTE."

This is the newest addition to the family. His name is Jerry & I am in love with him 😀 He’s a rescue boy the Mr’s aunt & uncle just adopted. He’s a little shy right now, but he’s sweet, good mannered, and so damn cute.  He’s really got some filling out to do though cause right now he’s all legs!


6 thoughts on “Post-Thanksgiving…Post

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Preita!! Looks like you had a great Turkey day with the family (that shirmp bowl with the lemon slices looked delish!).

    That GOLD spoon is just gorgeous. I can’t imagine what the table looked like with the china and goldware. That photo is priceless!

    Your yard looks beautiful. Your hard work sure paid off Prieta!

  2. I want to see a picture of this fab china. My aunt gave me a set that used to belong to my Mamaw (great grandmother). I’m sure it’s not nearly as nice, but I keep it tucked away. I’m too afraid to break it.
    So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day! It looks like you had a small crowd.

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