More Alpaca Fun

So I’ve already posted a few cute alpaca pictures but I have more from the weekend that need to be looked over & what not. I mean putting me in close proximity with cute animals & two empty memory cards is a recipe for excess 🙂

I have to say all in all it was a fabulous, productive weekend. Saturday the Mr and I met up with Mette and Tom at Windy Hills Alpacaranch.  The event was geared more toward breeders and other farmers but it gave the Mr and I a chance to hang out with two of our favorite people. We first met Mette & Tom at their farm, Ranch of the Oaks, on our trip to Morro Bay and we have become fast friends.  Meeting up with them always gives me a chance to buy more of their fabulous yarns & roving. They have a mini mill on their property & make quite amazing yarn. Seriously, go check them out.

Doesnt Tom have the most amazing mustash youve ever seen?

Doesn't Tom have the most amazing mustash you've ever seen?


Tom is quite an accomplished spinner and it was nice to be able to get some tips & tricks from someone who has spun yarns for longer than I have been alive. That wheel right there? It’s older than me! He really helped the Mr with his spinning too, I think a single treadle is in his future. Why? Because as Tom explained, “men aren’t as easily able to keep their knees so close together…” HA! Funny, but makes SENSE!

Spinning, its a spectator sport.

Spinning, it's a spectator sport.

What else was going on during the day? Well, we got to see a baby alpaca being born. How crazy is that?

The indignity of it all is a bit overwhelming

"The indignity of it all is a bit overwhelming"

This poor alpaca mom was subjected to more indignity than I would ever impose on a person. I told the Mr that if we ever have a child of our own that no one is allowed to take pictures of me till after it’s all done, I’ve been able to wash my face & get a little make up on. Also, those families that video tape the birth? That’s just GROSS.

With in an hour this guy was up & running.

With in an hour this guy was up & running.

I ran up & watched with all the people who obviously don’t see this ever day, while Tom & Mette stood back & watched like old pros.

Been there, done that

"Been there, done that"

And the Mr is used to my crazy “RUN FOR ANIMALS OMG!!!” routine so he knows I will get the shot & show it to him later. So usually his is his reaction to me.

Yup, my wife is crazy, but completely entertaining.

"Yup, my wife is crazy, but completely entertaining."

While there we saw Becky & her Mr, John. John remarked that all the alpacas needed some serious dentistry, I couldn’t agree more lol.

Underbite to the X-treme!

"Underbite to the X-treme!"

There were an awful lot of babies running around that day. I guess Alpacas don’t have a “cycle” and you can breed them any time you want. The act of breeding actually makes them ovulate. Learn something new every day don’t we?

I am curly & so cute!

"I am curly & so cute!"

So that was Saturday. Sunday we did something not as fun, but completely necessary. We cleaned. & Cleaned & CLEANED. We are about 3/4ths of the way done & quite happy with that so far. After family dinner (the Mr & I always go over to the inlaws house on Sundays to have dinner with them & visit) I nearly completed my reupholster job on my second chair. I only have one piece left! My fabulous MIL sewed together new covers for the cushions & I couldn’t be happier!

I was a little worried about the thickness of the upholstery fabric, but I had forgotten that my FIL had gotten my MIL the most amazing Viking sewing machine ever invented. Seriously, it sets everything for you. You push the button for what kind of fabric you have, and what kind of stitch & it sets the tension (among other amazing things, I’m pretty sure it set our VCR clock while we weren’t looking too!).

So yes, the count down to thanksgiving is officially on and I’m a little stressed out. BUT! I’m really looking forward to it. Now I just have to find the time to bake up two batches of Pulla for the family or else I’m sure I will be disowned.


10 thoughts on “More Alpaca Fun

  1. Wow, what a great day Preita! Thank you for the email on the Alpaca Farm Festivities, but I’m a wild woman over Sunday football, so I watched ball and did some knitting.
    That poor Alpaca momma, walking on the ranch while birthing her baby!! OMG, some privacy pleaassse!!!
    Can’t wait to see your husbands yarn. See you soon. Lisa

  2. Great pictures as always. It’s great that you guys are making friends out there and that you’ve found a hobby that you can share 😉
    wish I was going to be there for Thanks Giving, I’m sure it’s going to be great!

  3. I’ve given birth enough times to consider myself somewhat of an expert and you do NOT take pictures!

    You take a picture of dad holding the baby because that’s about all he will be able to handle.

    That is the law, so sayeth me.

  4. I’m amazed you caught the birthing in mid-action. You’re good with that camera. I’m sure I would have been too in awe to remember to get the camera out.

    Love the pic of your Mr. laughing!

  5. Great photo of Matt.. I truely shows his great nature.. We had a great time with the both of you. Really enjoy spending time with the two of you.. Maybe some day I will start spinning but for now I am content just knitting.. Hugs..

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