And on the 9th day God Knit

A knitting post. Crazy right? Pretend that I’m not loosing my mind with Christmas knits right now, make no sudden movements & we all should be pretty ok.

I’ve been knitting a little something else besides Christmas knits. My own little Sackboy. Now he has a stuffed head & eyeballs 😀 I think I might slip some pipe cleaner into his lips though to have them a little bit stiffer. 🙂 He always looks like he’s making this face D: lol

I have a doc appointment tomorrow after work. I’m actually a little bit nervous about it. Really it’s just the woman’s yearly physical of doom we all have to go through, but I have quite a few things that I need to bring up. Things I don’t want to tough it out through anymore.  And it’s a little bit scary. I haven’t been feeling really “well” for a while now. And I’ve also come to realize that I live with pretty much constant pain of some sort. Every day something hurts, and sometimes it hurts so bad that it ruins my entire day.  I don’t whine or cry about my pains (because we all get them) but after the Mr was “fixing me” (aka finding all the right pressure points in my legs & back to relieve tension) he told me it was enough & I needed to ask about this. I’m 26, I shouldn’t hurt every day. So we will see. Also? I’m going to finally demand a hearing test. Last time I brought up my hearing (or inability to do so!) the NP told me to take sudifed. Seriously? Every day? I’m not stuffed up & I don’t think it’s a great thing to take unnecessary drugs. But my hearing has gotten to a point where I almost dread knit night because I won’t be able to hear what anyone says.

But guess what? I’ve totally lost more weight & I don’t know how. So score one for me.


Sackboy progress

Sackboy progress





2 thoughts on “And on the 9th day God Knit

  1. I hope everything at the doctor checks out fine 🙂 Oh, and no need to worry on me showing off another new knit tomorrow! I’m busy with other stuff tonight, darnit!

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