Geeking Out.

Today I went & hung out with my good friend Will. To bad he lives an hour away, but it’s well worth it. We’ve been friends since we both live in Minnesota & oddly enough moved out to California seperately (we weren’t really speaking at the time, ya all have been there) with in months of each other.  So we’ve made more of a point to hang out.

I think personally for me this has more to do with my new car. See before I drove a huge ass Chevy Conversion van. The driving wasn’t a problem, it was the parking. I always had to really think about where I was going & when to see if I could actually park that beast. So I didn’t venture out as much.  Now with my little Dodge Hatchback I can get in anywhere & so now I feel amazingly more mobile.

Two things came out of that meet up yesterday. My introduction to an amazingly cute video game called Little Big Planet (which the Mr & I are totally buying because we can work TOGETHER, not necessarily against each other, and if you’ve ever played a game with both the Mr & me you totally understand why we don’t do it) has created a miniature obsession. Probably because it’s rediculously cute. The fact that I’m actually knitting myself a little sackboy is testament enough. (don’t judge till he’s stuffed & wired)

The Start of a Sackman

The Start of a Sackman

Two is the phrase “Hurf Durf Durf” which now is replaying in my head like a broken record (Thanks Will! Payback is a BITCH! :D) This I’m told is another version of saying “Duh”. I’m a little worried that this phrase will actually come out of my mouth and never leave my vocabulary.


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