Holidays Rushing IN!

The holidays are fast approaching, (thanks Manda for pointing that out) and I think I’m going to be sick.

 42 Days in case you were wondering.

I have not yet finished anything, and I have to start to think about sending things out! The Mr & my MIL & my dad/ + parents have not told me what they want. I have no lists.
People. I refuse to brave the mall this year. If you can’t get your shit together in time for me to order it online I’m not dealing with it! 😛 This is your final warning. 42 days left. *cries* I don’t even know why I celebrate Christmas as I’m not even Christian, lol Go figure.  Unitarians like presents though & it’s really about “peace on earth, good food, family, & Santa” as my mom would say.
On a completely unrelated note, we had a 401K meeting yesterday. I seemed to be the only one that understood this concept of “retirement”. I have a healthy 401K already started, but I think I’m going to up my contribution.  I think it’s time to start looking into IRA’s & CD’s too.
(Why yes, I am a boring 50 year old woman trapped in a 26 year old body)

3 thoughts on “Holidays Rushing IN!

  1. I guess for us, celebrating Christmas is as much about tradition as anything else, since Dh comes from a Catholic background, and my parents celebrated Christmas as kids. Being a “good” UU, I also have a menorah and a kinara in the house. I have a little talk with the boys while we’re decorating each year about why we “celebrate” all of them.

    Christmas is a good time to remember the miracle of birth and rebirth, much like winter solstice. (And, yeah, totally about Santa, too.)

    Hanukkah is a good reminder to be thankful for the blessing of light.

    Kwanzaa is about community, family and heritage, so although we’re not of African descent ourselves, it’s a time to remember the history of race relations in America, and to delve into our own family history.

    And on Solstice, we decorate the tree in the front yard with popcorn, cranberry & orange-slice garland and hang peanut-butter & birdseed toast stars from its branches.

  2. People are so silly about retirement! I am still in college (read: do not have a full time job yet) and I already have a retirement account set up.
    Everyone should have one!

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