These Woolen Days

Living the good life. Seriously I am. You know for all it’s ups and downs life has been quite good lately. Nothing exciting has really happened to us, but it seems that after a few months living in the new house we have finally found our groove again.  Our small spot of consistent happiness.  This spot is just every day life for the Mr and I. 

Something that has now become part of our every day life is spinning. (Yes I’m still knitting like a mad woman, and no I can’t show you. Maybe next month! Soon I promise!) There is nothing, honestly, more rewarding than looking up from my own wheel to see the Mr smiling at the progress he’s making. We are completely different spinners. Our yarns are completely different, but I think that’s really, completely awesome. He’s gotten down a groove of a bulky high twist single.  It’s hard to capture this single because the fiber is naturally dark & they are nestled so well into each other.

Finnsheep single, spun by the Mr.

Finnsheep single, spun by the Mr.

Excuse the flash picture but it was just to dark last night (damn you day light savings!). He’s really gotten past the thick thin stage to get it all quite even. This yarn was quite difficult at time as it’s two different rovings carded side by side to create a rag wool effect. He decided to split the black from the white & spin them separately, where as I spun them together.  See, same wool, but completely different! Gotta love it!

This is my Finnsheep all plied together.

This is my Finnsheep all plied together.

I can’t wait to see the Mr’s singles all plied up. They are going to be a bulky (or even super bulky) yarn, but I think I might have enough for a cowl! 🙂 YUM!

So what am I spinning? Merino bought from Hello Yarn. The package came yesterday (yay!) with our 1lb of merino & 1lb of BFL. We are super happy campers to say the least! 🙂 My goal with this merino was to try and spin as fine as I am able to. Since I haven’t been spinning all that long (um about 3 weeks!) I’m quite happy with the progress that I’m making. My hope is to get enough out of this fiber for a pair of socks.

Merino from Hello Yarn.

Merino from Hello Yarn.

There are still some fluffy spots. I had some growing pains with this. I didn’t quite put into practice my realization that I needed to put more twist in so there were a few snapping points. So far though I think it’s going pretty well.

So there we are. With my share of the BFL I’m going to try dying the roving first. So that means quite a bit of research to do first! 🙂 I’m a little worried about colors because I have a tendency to pick colors akin to clown puke and as unpleasing as that is in a knit, it’s even worse while spinning. So I will have to try to restrain myself a bit.

Speaking of restraining oneself, the Mr did not while “trimming” the rose bushes out front. I thought they were surely destined for the mulch pile. Well I was proved that the Mr does know what he’s doing when I saw this the other day.

I am very pretty

"I am very pretty"


Ed says Perfectly comfortable, why cant this human stop moving though?!

Ed says "Perfectly comfortable, why can't this human stop moving though?!"


3 thoughts on “These Woolen Days

  1. Oh my god, how adorable is it that you two spin together?! I need to find a doctor who knits. Or a chef. Whichever, they can both be my soul mates.

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