Entrelac Cowl

I’ve been asked by quite a few people for a while now to publish my pattern for this knit. So I’ve gotten over my laziness & written it all up. Please let me know if you see any problems as I knit this over 2 months ago & the details are a bit sketchy (as were my notes!).
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2 skeins Noro Kureyon (or roughly 200 yds of worsted weight yarn)
Size US 8 cicular needles 16 inches in length
Tapestry Needle for weaving in ends
1 Stitch Marker

Gage: 4.5″ over 20st (Though it’s not terribly important)

Knitting entralac in the round is quite easy, but learning how to knit backwards will speed this up immensely and save you a billion “turn work”s.  I am writing this with the “turn work” after every row since I know not everyone really wants to learn how to knit backwards. Be forewarned though, I knit every other row backwards and thus may have mistranslated something in the process. If you see ANYTHING wrong, please let me know! 🙂 email me with any problems at pmsalyer AT yahoo DOT com

If you wish to learn how to knit backwards I’ve found this You Tube video very informative.



CO 84 st and join in the round
(I then knit 1 round just to have a better foundation row, you do not need to do this if it is not ecstatically pleasing to you) No ribbing is necessary as entrelac does not curl.

Set Up: (these are your triangles)
1. K2 turn
2. Sl 1, P1 turn,
3. Sl 1, K2
, turn
4. Sl 1, P2,

5. Sl1, K3, turn,
6. Sl 1, P3, turn
7. Sl1, K4, turn
8. Sl1,  P4, turn
9. Sl1, K5, DO NOT TURN, you now start the next triangle.

repeat these 6 rows 14 times till end of round.

Now onto the rectangles: These are a little tricky because you will not be going round and round as normal. You will complete one round right to left, (the triangles) then start your next round left to right (your first rectangle round) This sounds more complicated than it is, trust me. Once a round is completed you will see all rectangles leaning one direction, and that the next round they must be leaning the oppiset direction it will all make sense. 

Working left to rightpick up  6 sts as follows,  (you will have 12 live stitches after picking up 6)
Sl 1, P4, p2tog turn work
Sl 1, K 5, turn work
Sl 1, P4, P2tog
Sl 1, K 5
Continue as stated until you have once again 6 live stitches (you have consumed 6 stitches through the p2tog action)  and before your needle are now the slipped stitches of the next triangle (or further along rectangle) ready to be picked up.
Continue the rest of the round exactly the same way (14 Triangles have now been made)
The next round is worked exactly the same…but different. 🙂 You are now going to work from Right to Left. Exactly, you are going back the way you just came!
This time pick up 6 stitches as follows
Sl 1, P5 turn
Sl 1, K4, SSK turn
Sl 1, P5 turn
Sl 1 k4 SSK Turn
Continue thus until you have completed 14 rectangles in this round.
Repeat these two rounds as many times as you like. I did 4 repeats (8 total rounds), but you can do more or less depending on how you like your cowls.
 Ending Triangles (finishing it all off!):
To be worked after round 2!
 *Pick up and purl 6 sts
Sl 1, K5 turn
Sl 1, P4 P2tog turn
Sl 1, K4 turn
Sl 1 P4 P2tog turn
Sl 1, K 5 turn
Sl 1 P 4 P2tog, P remaining sts

Repeat from * till you have worked your way around the whole cowl.

You now have an even row of live stitches on your needle. Now bind off (I preferred the sewn bind off, but you do what you like!) and weave in your ends.




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