NO on PROP 8

Voting yes on prop 8 in california would ban the marriage of two people of the same sex.  Marriage and love is personal. What goes on in anyone else’s bedroom is none of my or your business. What goes on in my bedroom is none of your business. Why is this an issue?  And honestly why would someone care enough to try to ban it?  Does the marriage of my nieghbor, my coworker, or my fellow commuter effect me in any way at all?


Prop 8 is bigotry put into law, plain and simple. Less we forget our rights, “All men are created equal”, and we all are allowed “The Pursuit of happiness”.

When I hear the line “two men/ women having sex is gross” well ya know what? I’m sure that the sight of my Mr & me aint so pretty either.

Get over it. Vote no.

Also? over 50% of all marriages in the US end in divorce. So what the hell are you “protecting” so dearly?


2 thoughts on “NO on PROP 8

  1. I’ve been saying this all along too Preita!

    Unfortunately, religion plays a big role in this whole issue.

    I actually don’t agree with same sex couples having children, but if they want to get married, then it bothers me NOT!

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