I noticed the other day that I was nominated for a Premio blog award by knitted gems. Thanks girly!

In accepting this award, I agree to:

1. Display the logo and link to the one who awarded it.

2. Nominate at least 7 blogs to receive the award.

3. Add links to those 7 blogs to my blog.

4. Leave the nominees a message that they have been nominated to receive the award.

And here are the 7 blogs I nominate:
1. Kent’s Craft I find this man ridiculously brilliant & charming
2. A Shrill Caramel Beautiful photography & brilliant knits        
3. Make Do And Mend Who I’m secretly stalking via her knits   
4. Knitosaurus who makes me want to run to Alaska & knit with her
5. Mustaa Vilaa who knits  all the socks I want to, but more beautiful than I could accomplish
6. Exercise Before Knitting who produces beautiful knits, and kinda makes me feel guilty for not exercising
7. Tres Chic Veronique Beyond beautiful knits & ridiculously cute & lives in a cool city

In other news a whole lotta nothing. Amazingly I just don’t have a whole lot to say. There are Santa Anna winds ranging, fires buring, and sinus’s complaining. Ah the joys of California.  For your reading pleasure I am going to recap the tale of “Windy Road of Death”.

My Mr likes to drive (so do I and honestly it we do a lot of “I’ll drive”, “That’s ok, I’ll drive”, “Seriously, I’ll drive”, “No it’s ok I’ll drive” which can be annoying to say the least) and will randomly turn off highways, byways, frontage roads, interstates, and the random deer trail to see what else there is.  I’ve grown used to it. We usually always end up some place pretty neat, and as long as I have a drink of some sort I’m good to go.

This happened while on a side trip from Morro Bay to San Luis Obispo. Off the 101, out of the corner of his eye he spots “the road”.  Luckily along this part of the 101 you can actually pull a U turn (crazy right?), so we flipped around and pulled into the little turn off.

I smelled trouble immediately. What I saw out the windshield made my blood run cold. In front of us was a neglected tract of crumbling pavement, sprinkled generously with pot holes. I’m not talking California, “omg, there’s a ding in the road & my honda might bottom out on it” pot hole. What I’m seeing in front of me makes Minnesota, long winter, long spring, mile deep crevice pot holes look, well, a bit wimpy.

These are serious pot holes. We are driving my Dodge Caliber. Does anyone see a problem? The Mr didn’t, and since he was driving, up we went. I have to say, I love my car more than anything. She handled it like a pro, no bottoming out, no skidding, no nothing. This car fucking ROCKS.

This below is the best patch of the road. The only reason I didn’t take pictures of the worst parts of the road were because I was holding on for dear life trying not to look at the road that was, litterally, falling off the moutain. I am not afraid of heights and there was a point in the road that almost made me cry.

I felt like a bobble head this whole ride up.
I felt like a bobble head this whole ride up.

The whole way up I prayed that we wouldn’t meet anyone trying to come down. Our small car took up the entire “road” and the only turn off was called “falling off the mountain”.

That may look like a bike trail, but I assure you, its our road.
That may look like a bike trail, but I assure you, it’s our road.

Look at this picture, tell me, that thing in front of us, does that look like a road to you? It certainly doesn’t to me. But oh yes, dear blog readers, that is what we traversed. Up & up. That also, for the record, is not fog. It’s cloud. We drove up this stupid windy road of death for 45 minutes.

More windy, terriblely small road.
More windy, terriblely small road.

Look! Option A is “Paved”, and option B is totally not! Oh the choices! For the record, we passed a sign when first entering this park that no motorbikes, or 4 wheelers were allowed.

Round & Round. Up & Up.
Round & Round. Up & Up.

 We did finally make it to the top. And what was up there? A weather station. WE couldn’t even get close. Bleh.  But the view was spectacular. Seriously. Below is a picture of the 101. We were so far up we were in the clouds and it was quite beautiful. Would I brave the road of death again for this view? Probably, cause I’m crazy like that. Next time I just need a blind fold. 🙂

And Finally The Top.
And Finally The Top.
This is just hilarious
This is just hilarious

Our wine club shipment came last night. I thought this sticker was completely hilarious. Seriously no drunk package signing allowed! 🙂 But honestly, how are they going to tell? What if I’m just tipsy? Buzzed signing is ok? Gotta love the randomness of the world. And since I’m on the topic of randomness…

We didnt take this trail, for obvious reasons.
We didn’t take this trail, for obvious reasons.

Yeah, we didn’t hike this trail. Would you?


7 thoughts on “Nominee!

  1. Woot! Certificates, trophies, awards, and other recognition. Natural talent (I.E. hard work, practice, learning, & improving) shows through again.

  2. An award! And I didn’t know 😦 Sorry I didn’t notice, I must have been away from my blogs. Bother. And thank you for the award! 🙂

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