SR 22 Form, Oh How I Covet The.

First, I’d like to say, I don’t know which is more FUBAR right now. The grand state of Ohio, or 21rst Century Insurance. Firstly, Ohio suspended the Mr’s licence because they didn’t believe we had insurance.  They didn’t accept what we sent them and needed something grand and mystical and equally as hard to obtain, the SR 22 form. Little did I know that 21rst Century Insurance would not issue Ohio anSR 22 form because they are not the state that we live in. Course, it would have been helpful if I would have known that, but that would be easy and convenient, and, well, perfect.

So I call around and find out that Progressive Insurance can and will send out the holy grail of insurance forms, that elusive SR 22 (crosses herself).  The policy will cost us twice as much as 21rst Century.  Of course right? Well I’m not to concerned about that right now as getting the Mr a valid drivers licence. When I dared, (oh the drama) ask about early cancellation on this policy it was met with a steely cold “if you cancel this policy we will immediately let Ohio know that you don’t have insurance and California will suspend the Mr’s drivers licence. But no, there is not an early cancellation fee.”

Was that a threat? I think it was.

Luckily Mr. Big Shot Insurance Salesman, I am smarter than you think. Now I know all about the policy concerning the SR 22 form and I will thwart it and you. I own the insurance, the insurance does NOT own me!!! Hear me oh mighty SR 22 form, one day, we will meet face to face on the foggy cool field of battle, and hear this, I vow to all the insurance Gods that only I will prevail.

How do I plan to circumvent being chained to Progressive Insurance’s way expensive policy? I plan to get the Mr a wonderful, much coveted, beautifully VALID California drivers licence after the SR 22 has been submitted. Then like Ninja I will shop around policies again till I find one that is not so freaking expensive.  Then, and only then will I plant my little seed of destruction among Progressive’s strangle hold on my policy.  I will get this new fangled cheaper insurance, I will have them over lap nicely like waves on the sand. I will have this new paladin insurance, the hero of my policies go forth SR 22 form in hand and submit it humbly on one knee to the DVM tyrants.  Once accepted I will smite down Progressive back to the sulfer pits of bad insurance commercials and overly expensive policies.

Then I will laugh manically (which truth be told, I might already be doing) reborn, and re-insured.
And to distract you, a nice pretty pelican picture I took.

Taken in Morro Bay, CA.

Taken in Morro Bay, CA.


5 thoughts on “SR 22 Form, Oh How I Covet The.

  1. You know how much I detest insurance companies? More than brussel sprouts and liver…on the same day!

    I paid insrance for a year on my moped, and then they phoned me up with a month to go to say that they’d made a mistake and that I wasn’t covered and therefore they were cancelling my policy immediately! Thank God I didn’t have an accident!

    Damn them all to hell!

  2. OMG, I totally had the SR22 thing happen when I was coming home from your wedding! Unbeknown to me, the insurance company canceled my car insurance before I had changed insurance companies and the DMV suspended my license plate. So when I got pulled over for diriving with a suspended plate, haha news to me, I had to run around town to fix it. I had to get the SR22 from my current insurance and then use that to get my plate unsuspended.
    THen I moved to Cali like two months later and when I said i needed an SR22 with yet another new insurance company (because that’s what AZ told me), they looked at me like I was the devil because in CA the SR22 is for drunk drivers… Anyway, got a CA license, got new insurance, no SR22. HAHA screwed them

    I wish you Good luck with your DMV battles. I hope it all works out!

  3. I love the Photograph so pretty. Is this the one the guy was an a-hole about. Grrrr I would like to give him a piece of my mind. Sorry about the insurance drama!!!

  4. Beautiful photo of the pelican in action. Nice to know there is wonderful life outside of Ventura County. Regarding insurance – I guess I am pleased with my chronological age with the lower CA rates. However, we will always be paying for the high risk CA drivers in this state 😛

  5. Its been almost a year, but just FYI I went thru pretty much the exact same thing, and you need to maintain that stupid SR22 stuff with Ohio for 3 years or they will have cali suspend his cali drivers license because of the interstate compact deal.

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