Knits: All Present & Accounted for, SIR!

The weekends just fly by these days don’t they? I think as you get older they go buy even faster because you actually have more chores to accomplish during the weekend than you do during the week. This weekend was for us no exception.

The Mr and I got the cars smogged (I also was up early to get my oil change) and I would like to announce a big day in our lives. For the first time eversince the Mr and I have been married his truck passed her smog on the first try. I can’t tell you how proud and elated I was.  I know this sounds silly, but unless you drive an older car and live in California I don’t think you know exactly how nerve wracking this can be. 1. California has the highest restrictions for smog in the nation (good thing too cause if you’ve ever seen the Valley, well ew). 2. When your car doesn’t pass smog (no matter that you are now out the 50$ it cost to smog it) but you are given 30 days to fix your problem & resmog it. I don’t have to tell you about repair costs and being forced to endure them as everyone has done it. So it sucks when you don’t pass.

But we did! And honestly, I’m so freaking proud of that truck! I think it’s a mix of the tune up last September (when the Mr’s brakes were replaced) and him carpooling with his dad to work. Both have saved gas & miles on the truck. So both make me incredibly happy. You know your an adult when you want to throw a party about passing smog! 🙂

Also this weekend my cousin Rebeccalaunched her own site.  I’m quite proud of her for it too 🙂 Over the last 2 years Rebecca and I have built a relationship that is outside our family norms.  See, we didn’t grow up together and there is about a 10 year age difference. But somehow we have managed to really come to love, enjoy and respect each other (not a family norm either! lol).  I would be quite wiling to say that in a lot of ways she has become my mentor. Reminding me to stay the course and not get distracted by the unimportant.  She’s “been there done that” as it were, so any time she actually gives me advice or wakes me up is really welcome.  Moving away from her was the hardest part about moving from Ohio.

What else happened this weekend?  We found out that the weird little bugs on our hibiscus bush were White Flies. What is the only way to get rid of White Flies? “Cut off affected area and burn.” No poison works. Nice huh? So yeah, our poor hibiscus plant looks worse for wear but I’m sure it will come back. Hopefully the flies will not.  The Mr was in quite a bug induced rage while hacking away limbs of our bush.

While doing some watering of the orange trees I found a rat skull. I’m sure a bunch of you think it’s gross, but I’m always happy to find things like this. I’m also one of those people that will find, break apart & look at owl pellets every chance I get. I like these kinds of reminders that we humans are not the only inhabitants of this space.

My succulents are really rocking it lately too. I can’t say enough about how I love these plants. I can literally ignore them for a month & they will be fine. These succulents are pretty dear to my heart too. My MIL gave me 5 different cuttings of plants, they were heirlooms from both of the Mr’s grandmothers gardens (one who is no longer here).  When I see them I remember first getting married 5 years ago, and now to see them so prosperous it just seems like a good omen for the entire marriage.

Now onto the knitting! (Because ya know I’d quickly loose my mind with out it)

Swatch from the Minimalist Cardigan I started. This is Elsbeth Lavold Angora in Turquoise. I tell you, it’s stunning. Also, once again I didn’t make gage. (Do I ever?!) and this sweater I think is going to be big (it was either go a little big or too small *sigh*) but I think it’s going to rock. Seriously.

Thermal! I’ve since reached the top of the back armholes & am ready to start raising the front. No placket because I don’t think that buttons stretching over the girls would be as flattering. I’m knitting the size 40. It measures out to 38″. But I tried it on last night. Yeah fits perfectly and even has some positive ease. I can’t quite figure out what’s going on. I’m sure it’s all about the rib, but it’s just weird.

Detail shot! 🙂 I’m racing the days. I hope to have this finished in time for Moro Bay next week! (OMG I’m going on vacation next week!!!!).


9 thoughts on “Knits: All Present & Accounted for, SIR!

  1. Such positivity in this post, which is exactly what I needed today! 🙂 Love the picture of the succulents, such a great story. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished thermal. Vacation, yay! That’s very exciting!

  2. Oooh, that angora is so PRETTY!!! I think the Minimalist Sweater is a great choice (I feel that I have a vested interest in it because even though you technically messaged me first I still feel like it was my idea. Hee).

    Also: Thermal. That waffle stitch is not a regular rib stitch. It is strange. I made the size 2″ smaller than my chest measurement and it fits perfectly. Any larger would be too big. Completely strange.
    I raised the button placket 2″ on my Thermal because otherwise it would have been right over my b00bs and that looked weird.

  3. Hey – I like th rat skull myself; very cool like the succulent details. Yup knitting ribbed patterns are unpredictable for sizing – just like lacey patterns.

  4. I’m gone for a week and miss like a gazillion posts and patterns from you…okay, I missed six of your postings. They’re all really good. I like the green Koolhaas, the cascading leaves squares in rusty orange, the hawk hat (do you dream in knit patterns?!), and the socks on 2 circs. This last one I’m still trying to grasp.

  5. For white flies, you should surround the plant that is infested with “yellow” sticky strips and change them daily. I have also sprayed my garden for white flies with a dish soap and water mixture, but you should ask someone at a nursery first. (I’m not familiar with hibiscus) I made a sun tea out of chewing tobacco but I can’t remember the results now. Well, that was helpful.

    And last but not least, don’t neglect the food chain. For everything that exists something else is its mortal enemy. Muwahahaha. Shop around at your local nursery for the beetle delphastus. They love white flies. I buy lady bugs every year for my rose garden. You could probably get them on line too.

    The photo you took of your succulent is just beautiful and you really need to consider showing your work someday (when you are ready) in a gallery. And your thermal is really coming along. The stitch pattern hast he same effect on me as a moss stitch. Very pleasing in its simplicity.

    PS I started another CPH sans H with that damn Malibrigro. (SP?) Thanks for contributing to yet another addiction.

  6. Hey Cuz, thanks for the shout out. Funny, I tell people you inspire me b/c you’re so ahead of where I was at your age! LOL. I got the courage to write my blog reading yours. All part of getting comfortable in our own skin, right?
    On another note, your other “becky” is right. You should show your work. Framed and matted they would also make good gifts…hint, hint. LOL. No, I just want my sweater. I hope it makes it to you. Should be there by the end of the month. I sent it on the slow boat.

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