Orange You Glad

I know I am! It’s Thursday! My favorite day of the week. That means that it’s almost Friday again, the knit sisters are gathering at Anacapa & I have way to many UFO’s, (fortunately they are all ones I like). I still can’t show you entangled stitches, but you know what? It’s freaking beautiful. The Mr actually stared at it for a good 5 minutes speechless. Yup, it’s freaking gorgeous no doubt. But you can’t see it because well, it’s going to a particular reader. If you really want to see I will be updating my ravelry page.

If you don’t already know me from Ravelry I’m Preita in real life & on there lol 🙂

Conwy socks by Nancy Bush.  Do you see that little something different? Two circs instead of 4 dpns. Crazy huh? I decided that this was something I needed to learn last night & after consulting with a random website I cast on & this is how far I got. I think I like it. But I think I need shorter circs because these kinda bug me.

Cascading Leaves. This isn’t orange in real life. It’s more of a lovely rust.

I have since completed two full blocks & am partially through the third. I’m blocking & sewing as I go so it seems not so bad. There is a lot of seaming, but it’s worth it.  Though this is a chunky alpaca it’s not heavy. So light & warm, nice combo I think. This is a lion brand pattern. Which just goes to show you that their pictures & models make some of their patters look just plain dumb when they actually are not.

This is supposed to have a garter st boarder, but I don’t know how I feel about picking up roughly 1000 stitches. We will see.

In OTHER wonderful news I’d like to wish my SIL & BIL a wonderful happy 4th anniversary today.


4 thoughts on “Orange You Glad

  1. 🙂 Thanks for the anniversairy wishes! These are georgous pictures! I particularly like the second from the top… As always you floor me with your creativity.

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