3 weeks Till Vacation!

Things have been a little silent around here haven’t they? Usually I’m all about poluting the internet with my blogginess, but the last week has found me almost silent. I just really still don’t have a whole lot to say.  Wenesday marked the 1 year anniversary of our drive from Ohio to California. One year from when we were forced out of a house we owned, from family & friends we loved and a state we were starting to call home because our company was sold and we needed the jobs that we had.  Oh, we could have stayed, and we tried like hell to, but in the end, there were no jobs with salaries like we were earning, and Ohio seemed to becoming more & more depressed by the month.  So we left.

3 days of 15 hours of driving and we were back to the gold coast.  It has been one year since then, and I honestly have to say, while I was devestated when it all was happening, I can’t say I’ve thought about any of it in quite a long time. When I do now think of it, astonishingly there is no pain or sadness either.  My only regret is leaving my cousin Rebecca behind as she has become quite a great friend.


So what have I been up to if not talking (which is about as close to dead as I get people).  Knitting of course. It is officially sepetmber which means it’s time to roll out those christmas knits. You know, the mile long list that we always promise ourselves we are going to do? And we end up finishing oh 1/2 of a sleeve of a sweater?
 Since I can’t show you any of that because of obvious conflicts of readership  you get filler.

I do have some pictureless projects looming though. I am 3/4 the way through Habitat by Mr BT, and guess what? I just don’t like it. I like it on other people, I like the idea, by my hat? I just don’t like it. 😦

I had to rip back 7 rows on Entangled stitches because I tried to repeat the same two rows twice. Nice huh? Yeah leave it to Preita to knit the place holder rows. It’s alright though, no biggies. I might even have one finished by the weekend. This is really probably the most complicated cable I’ve ever done. It’s stunning, but boy do my eyes go buggy!

I also have 9 squares (of 48 OMG) completed on cascading leaves.

In other knitting news I have roughly 5 people test knitting my Hawk Hat 🙂 Seriously they freaking rock. Depending on when they are done & what changes they think need to be made this will be up by the end of the month. I also have another (um two) hat ideas going through my head. One I know how to do & am trying it right now, the other? I don’t know if it’s actually possible. So we will see.

Ha! You nosey people (you know who you are!) who tried to click on my links, but alas you are not ravelry members & thus can’t be sneeky & ruin your surprise 🙂 Score one for Preita!


3 thoughts on “3 weeks Till Vacation!

  1. I’m very happy that you still have your knitting mojo, if not your blogging! I hope you get your package today or tomorrow… 🙂 I have faith you will LOVE IT!!!!!!

    I just got mine yesterday and it was awesome 🙂

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