Not A Whole Lot

Amazingly, that’s what I have to say. Not a whole lot.  Silence is not a virtue of mine.  I could power entire nations if they could just figure out a way to harness the energy I use to talk.  The Mr thinks this is why I need my full 8 hours of sleep a night, he thinks I need that time to recharge my batteries for a whole new day of talking. Lately though, I haven’t had a whole lot to say.  This month has left me a little vunerable, and I have decided to dissect my own emotions, feelings, actions, and words.  I am determined to live with my true purpose, pursue my true dreams, and live a life of worth and dignity.

Needless to say I have a lot of thinking on my plate right now. Thankfully I have a lot of knitting too. I’m past the body on my Rachel sweater & have started my sleeves. I know I will have this done by the end of the impending 3 day weekend. So expect pictures.

I have also started the 365 project. Looking back through my life in the last year through pictures is a little painful, but barely so now. Pictures of the Mr carving his pumpkin for the Halloween contest last year seems like ages upon ages ago.  So much has changed since then, so much has come and so very much has gone.  I took pictures almost daily anyways, but now I am putting an effort into it.  A daily effort to record each day through one picture only.  Day by day will be captured, documented, and remembered.

I don’t know how creative I will ultimately become with this, I’m not going to try to be provocative or innovative, but rather just try to capture who I am, day by day.  Things that I think about, do, overcome, or experience.

1:365 (The baskets are actually taller than I am FYI) Yes, I do randomly stare at my stash.


6 thoughts on “Not A Whole Lot

  1. Ooooh. I’ve been wondering what the closet would become… It’s looks GREAT!!!

    I have been having some of the same feelings of not much to say! But I know it will all work out in the end.

  2. I love the way you keep your yarn stash! What a perfect idea! The great thing is that I can simply open the closet and touch them whenever I want; rather than storing in boxes like I do.

  3. Hey Cuz, once again we are on the same road. I liked the way you put it. Not trying too hard just trying to record who you are. Helpful, isn’t it? It’s a step in my life-long dream of getting paid to be who I am. Keep on keeping on.

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