The Generosity Of the Human Spirit

The generosity of the human spirit can sometimes be utterly astounding.  The last two weeks have been quite tough emotionally.  The universe seems to be out of wack and everything points to “waking up & doing something”. What yet I’m not completely sure. 

I don’t usually write about my life concerning things that I don’t directly experience. It’s hard for me to quanify what I don’t live out first hand.  This is a rare exception then I guess.  The depths of compassion that our souls can feel for our fellow man should not be surprising, but acting on that compassion, especially in this age is.

A little back story;
A woman my husband works with found out that at 40 (and the doctors telling her she could never have more children) that she was pregnant.  She was confirmed as very high risk very shortly after and found out that the aurora in the baby’s heart was smaller than usual and partially blocked. A plan was made by her doctors to deliver by C-section early, fly the baby to a better hospital where she would receive open heart surgery to try and fix this defect.

Being ever the optimist, when my husband told me, I believe I can be quoted as “That’s horrible! But you know, S’s little sister had holes in her heart when she was born & after two open heart surgeries she was fixed & that kid has never been sick. So I’m sure it will be fine”.

Well, after three open heart surgeries her little girl passed, and the world was definitely a sadder place for it.  When the Mr called me at work on his break he was crying pretty good. (The Mr has an incredible place in his heart for all children).

This lady had never had to plan a funeral and didn’t know where to start (god who does?).  So the ladies in the department where the Mr works went to work. They found the funeral home & costs.  The cost of putting her little girl to rest is quite extraordinary.  This lady is dead broke, not even a working car broke, so the ladies & the Mr started talking.  In one day they decided that they would split the costs between the 5 of them and tell no one.  They got a little worried about offending or embarrassing this lady so they told the funeral home director not to say anything.

The lady met with the funeral home director, found out the costs and to break a heart more, asked if it could be made in payments.  People, no one should have to make payments to bury their child. No one.  The funeral home director told her that payments were not necessary and that the angles had it covered.  She still has no idea who her angles were, and right now, she doesn’t need to.  If she wants to know in the future people can tell her, but not now.

Gifts for the baby shower the ladies she works with had planned were returned and with it was bought food and flowers for the wake.

The most astonishing part of this is that none of these ladies are friends outside of work.  None of them go to dinner together or coffee or anything.  This was the ripple effect of one heart breaking and other hearts answering the call.  This is many souls saving one for no other reason than “It’s just the right thing”.

The love that we can show the people we care about is mind blowing, but the love we can show acquaintances and strangers is truly divine.  If you have made it this far, I hope you will then go out of your way, even in the smallest of circumstances, to make someones day better.  We are all on this highway of life together, every now and then we all break down on the shoulder, hopefully from now on we will all stop and ask that person “Are you OK?” because it’s the least we can do.

Holding the door for a mother with a stroller, letting someone with fewer groceries go in front of you in the grocery line, letting someone merge easily in to traffic, or even a random friendly smile goes so far in making a persons day better.


3 thoughts on “The Generosity Of the Human Spirit

  1. What an incredibly sad story, but with an uplifting end. I work in a hospital and still cannot completely get used to the idea of some patients getting better and some not… Your gesture is beautiful and helpful 🙂

  2. What a sad, and yet wonderful story of human compassion. To help lighten this woman’s burden at a time like this in her life, I can only imagine what that must mean to her.

    You are so right, we really need to see beyond ourselves at every moment of every day.

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