Lets push those posts down the page. Thank you all for your kind comments.

This weekend we went to the fair.

The baba had her first ice cream cone which was well received 😀

Farm animals were seen (and smelled).
I also saw on of my knitting sisters first place winning socks. Though there was never a doubt!  Aren’t they perfect?!

Then Sunday we all went to the Tall Ships Festival.

The baba was most excellent going from ship to ship. Better than most of the older kids.

We said it was because she is the most excellent baby girl in the world, (which is true) but her mom thinks it has a little to do with the Mr being one heck of a baby wrangler (Which is also true).

Me playing with reflections. Funny how I took this with no vi sable camera isn’t it?!

This one I managed to get the whole family in it.
And since I haven’t posted any knitting content for what? 4 whole days! Here ya go.
Getting ready to steek it & possibly throw up too.

Well, um it wasn’t that hard I guess! It now has all the ends woven in & has the “button bands” but no buttons because I’m actually using a zipper (which I ordered yesterday). So yeah. Finished shots coming soon.

Something else I knit. I plan on posting a free pattern for this by the end of the week. I love how the stitch pattern looks like waves on a lazy day. This is Classic Elite alpaca & it’s DELISH!

So there you all have it! The Mr & I are renting a dumpster this weekend to finish cleaning out the back yard and probably bringing the baba & the SIL to the beach 😀


4 thoughts on “

  1. Congratulations on the steek, oh brave one!

    I love the colorway of your award winning socks — green is definitely my color of choice!

    And the star of the show — your little girl — what a cutie!

  2. Jewlbal3- the socks belong to my knittin sister Beatriz & they are fab! She did an amazing job.

    And as for Miss Mi, she doesn’t belong to me but I am one proud aunt! 😀

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