Celebrating This Day.

Dear Mr,

Today is your 30th birthday. You are now officially 10950 days old, or 360 months.  Which means you think you are older than you are. 

You said that you thought you would be further along in life when you hit 30 than you are. Well baby, look around, we are pretty far, and doing pretty darn good if you ask me. We are blessed to have a wonderful marriage, careers we enjoy, a house with quite a bit of potential, some money in the bank, two working cars, and no debt.  Things are pretty good for 30.

I count myself pretty darn lucky to have you as my husband.  Even on the days when I’m acting like a crazy ass bitch you still tell me that you love me.  I don’t know how I lucked out to have such a wonderful man.

So here’s to another year babe.  We are doing just fine and I’m sure you are going to rock 30 (with grace and dignity).


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