Seeing Red, litterally.

Lots of red appeared yesterday. One which I’m really pleased with, and one with which I’m on the fence with. First the happy red.

Not the best of pictures, but sorta close to the color. Yup, dark, dark red. I really love it.  See, I’m naturally blond, a color of blond that has progressively started to get darker as I’ve gotten older. Not that it will ever go into a lovely brunette but just a dark, dirty blond. A color that I was not happy with.  I have gone lighter but as my husband states “You have the soul of a red head babe, no offence but it’s nice to have a warning system ofr your fire”. HA! Thanks hun! My bangs really aren’t uneven, but my stylist likes to push them the oppiset direction of me. WHY do they always do that?! (Again, a picture with no makeup, one day I will learn.

Action shot! The Mr says that the red is better to bring out my eyes. lol who knows. I like it better though.  Does everyone have one perfect eye brow and one that refuses to look anything like the other? I’ve tried growing it completely in and re-starting the shape. Nada. I’m wondering what it’s problem is, get with the program eyebrow!

Then we have this red. Initally I was IN LOVE with this sweater. Now, um, you know what? That romance has faded. (Also score one for me for putting my arms right in front of my waist so I look like a square, THAT takes talent!)  This is supposed to be the EZ saddle shoulder sweater. Ok, the one for the hubby went so damn well, but this one? Yeah the lines don’t line up nicely. I’ve got all my decreases running wild. Instead of looking neat & tidy they are running off my shoulders. Also, the amount of boobage I carry around with me (because you never want to leave your boobage at home) completely hides the lovely lines. This is a great pattern, but on me? I don’t think so.

I still LOVE the idea of all the random garter stitch along the arms, under the arms & up the sides. This may have been a poor yarn choice though for this sweater. I’m thinking that’s mainly the case. I came off such a high from my FLS that I was expecting this to be much the same. Uh, no.  I just don’t know yet. It’s going on the back of the couch for a time out. My plan was to steek it & add garter stitch button bands along with a tall collar. I don’t know.

What do YOU think? I really need opinions. Because this yarn would make a lovely hemlock ring blanket.

OK and I have to share this last part because I’m a complete dork (as already established).  Is there one thing that makes you feel like a really accomplished adult? Beyond careers & kids.  One thing that happens and you are like, “DAMN! I rule this adult thing!!!”  This would be my moment.

(Yeah it says Pat, but that’s my MIL I use her card at the grocery because I’ve never given them my phone number)
So yeah, you see that? $66.01 in SAVINGS! And people, I didn’t buy over priced pre-packaged bs either.  This was a meat & veggie run. See, I like to buy mass quantities of meat at a time. Whatever is on sale I buy two packages, then I individually wrap them in baggies of two items, label them, and shove them in the freezer.  Did you know that 1 giant pack of chicken breasts costing you roughly $6.50 on sale can feed you and your Mr for 4 complete days?  That means that you have spent $1.63 for the both of you for 1 meal. Add in veggies and I can feed two or three people for under $7.00. A large tender loin for $13 can easily make 6 days worth of meals.

I started doing this when the Mr and I were living and working in Ohio. Since we were still keeping the California office hours that means that we didn’t get home till 7pm every night.  I became queen of the crock pot because it was SO nice to have dinner ready when we got home.  I started to individually wrap the meat in the freezer so that I could pull out one baggie the night before, put it in the fridge to defrost & voila! Dinner for 2.
(These are 1 pork chop per bag because I only use one if I’m doing them in the crock pot)

One thing the Mr and I don’t do is pre-packaged food. Beyond bread (because it’s cheaper to buy than bake every damn day for his sandwiches) and cheese, we don’t buy things pre-made.  It’s just so much cheaper this way with out cereals, frozen pizzas, and any other frozen microwavable foods.  Also, since we found out about my PCOS and that I’m genetically inclined to store any and all fat (no, I’m not fat because of genetics, I’m fat because of bad food & I know it) I can’t eat pre-processed foods and get away with it.  The only way I will NOT gain weight is if we cook everything.  This means more work, but I have also lost 40 pounds just by eating normal food with no preservatives.

Cooking has also been a bonding time for the Mr and I. He used to do all the cooking in the house but since I get home almost a full hour & 1/2 before him these days I usually take charge.  It’s quite pleasant to be able to be stirring, grilling, or simmering something while sharing a glass of wine or mojito with him and chat about our days.  Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that really mean the most.



8 thoughts on “Seeing Red, litterally.

  1. Great job on the savings! I love your hair and the sweater, but if you are truly unhappy that’s what matters most as you might not wear it if you are unhappy. And that would be sad.

    Maybe let it sit and think about it for a while before doing anything drastic.

  2. I like your red hair…I agree about the sweater though. If you don’t feel the love (as beautiful as it is), then it probably won’t be another FLS. Seeing those savings is a shot of adult financially responsible adrenalin for me.

  3. I purchase obnoxious amounts of meat and in-season veggies at one time, but I’ve never managed to save money like that. You go, Girl!

    I’m sorry you don’t like the sweater. Personally, I think it looks nice on you, but your opinion counts a heck of a lot more than mine does. I haven’t made myself a sweater in years because all attempts haven’t come out as well as I would have liked. When the pain wears off, I might tackle it again. Or not.

    Best of Luck!

  4. #1 I LOVE the red hair. That is such a nice red color and though I’m no expert, I think it looks fantastic.

    #2 About that sweater… I just finished a sweater using that same saddle-shoulder formula (why do we knit the same things all the time, get out of my brain!) and I think I had some similar problems. My decreases got out of whack and I had to re-knit the yoke (it took a long time but I sucked it up for once) yours might not be so bad though.
    As for the boobage + saddle shoulders I think the steek and collar idea is a good one. I did a deep v-neck but without steeking, I just worked back and forth for that part on my 2nd go-round of yoke knittage and that helped A LOT. I think that this design just has kind of a high neckline and it makes a broad swathe of fabric between the boobs and face that didn’t work for me (don’t know if that’s the same problem you’re having) but making a deep v that can close and a tall collar made the whole thing much more flattering on me.

    All that said though I have pretty narrow shoulders so the saddle shape is a good one for me once the boobs are tamed.

    Um… I just read that over and it’s not too helpful. Sorry. I love your hair though!!!!

  5. I disagree, just cause I can. Actually, I totally agree with you about the shopping stuff, it really is the best way to go. I buy a lot of meat a Costco & since it’s only me, that goes a long way.

  6. Hey Cuz, looks great. I was so excited to get your update on my new BlackBerry (yes, I have gone over to the dark side) b/c I could call up your webpage and see it on the fly.

    Dropped a call to you yesterday but missed you. All is well for now.

    Anticipating what today will bring on my first day back in the office.

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