A WHOLE Lot of Pictures

Talesin WestBecause we all know I can’t go anywhere with out taking mass amounts of pictures I have lots to show from Mesa. As always they are unedited because I’m too lazy. If I didn’t like it in the first place I would have never uploaded it so please don’t send me emails about this or that.

Frank Lloyd Wright\'s Talesin West in Arizona

Matt and I got away for a couple hours and saw the Frank Lloyd Wright place.  This was & is a working school of architecture and though not as well kept up as some of the other places I’ve seen of his is pretty neat none the less. One thing you have to keep in mind is that this place was a winter camp no more. Most of the ceilings were originally canvas.
Talesin West
Wright believed that buildings should be inspired by and reflect their surroundings. That means that though he thought every plan he drew was a piece of art he didn’t think that they should stick out from their setting but rather blend in, add to, and compliment it.  That is why each house is diffrent, each uses local materials to help with this goal.
Talesin West
To say that it was hot would be an understatement.  To say that the Mr & I didn’t know it was an outdoor walking tour at 2pm would be sad, but true. We were burned but it was worth it. But god was it bright. AND HOT!
Talesin WestHe really really like triangles in this house!


On the way back from dinner on the 4th my FIL spotted fireworks off in the distance & headed that way. Little did we know it was one of the biggest displays in AZ and that it causes this.
Firworks Traffic
Complete gridlock. People were actually pulling off the highway onto the shoulder just to watch them. The highway patrol were out in force though & used their mega phones to yell at people & we found it quite funny to watch the motorcycle police pacing station wagons yelling “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? THIS IS A HIGHWAY!!! GET MOVING GET MOVING!!! MOVE YOUR CAR NOW!!” It was pretty funny. This lasted for a good 45 minutes while we were in traffic, with really good air conditioning, with good music & good company.  Too bad my MIL choose the wrong car, we felt bad about that.
Miss Mi
Of course I got to see this little girl which light up my world. God I love her so much! She’s gotten so big in the past 3 months & with so much HAIR! She left us almost bald now she’s got quite a little fro. I can’t believe that she’ able to climb up on chairs & get situated either. She is ridiculously smart and was constantly amazing us.
Miss Mi
Did I meantion it was hot? & Sunny? Yeah? I did? Well it was. Really hot and really sunny.

Because I’m a ridiculous dork I always have to have my picture taken in front of very large animals. It’s just a thing with me I guess.

Much time was spent at Cabela’s & the Bass Pro Shop. Why? Because it was air conditioned.  Also we all like sporting goods. Probably more than we should. We were able to find a few choice pieces though, Matt found the new coleman stove pump he needed to fix our big camping stove and with our trip up to Moro Bay looming in the near distant future it’s a good thing. I also found a cast iron cornbread pan, but instead of little corns they were fish. Obviously I had to have it. 😛

ALSO! I have knitting to post about tomorrow & my Summer of Love Yarn Swap spoiler package came & it’s beyond awesome. So yeah, tomorrow is fiber thursday. Stay tuned!


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