Last night I came home to no power. I had worried about this all day long at work.  So I called the power company, the person who took my order had made the work order for today, TUESDAY but she also charged me the next day service fee. Tell me how that makes sense to anyone?

So I probably got the most obnoxious cs rep on the phone. The whole time he pulled the manly routine.  He “Put in a work order’ for yesterday but failed to mention that the service techs went home at 5PM. I called at 5:15PM.  So he was going to lead me on and let me believe that someone was going to come out and turn my power back on when in reality no one would come. I only found this out when I kept insisting for a guaranty that someone was coming. He must have repeated “I can’t guaranty anything, I put in the work order” 50 times. By the end he wasn’t even listening to me and I was either on the verge of full out screaming at him or breaking down into tears for the sheer assholery of it all.   I finally gave up, asked for a supervisor and said that I was going to rip the lock off my box myself and turn the power back on.

What was his response to that? “You can’t do that!” Why not? I paid my bills all on time you guys are the ones that screwed up & turned off my power for no reason and now are giving me shit about turning it back on. I asked him “How are you going to stop me?” His response? “I can send someone out there immediately to make sure you don’t!!!” So…follow the line of dumbassery with me here people…they WON’T send out someone that night to turn my power back on, the power that I had paid for & have an account for…but they WOULD send someone out to STOP ME from turning it on myself?

Take a few moments and process that.  It’s ok, I’ll wait.

Ready? Yeah, it made no sense to me either.

So I finally get on the line with his manager. A woman. (Maybe that’s his problem? He has an inferiority complex?) And tell her (now realize that this is the 4th time I’ve called the power company) the whole ordeal.  She starts to say that she can’t approve a work order and I just lost it. Completely lost it, just weeping on the phone trying to speak, trying to say “My husband is coming home in 15 minutes, and I can’t even cook dinner” (electric stove) and she must have hit the parking brake because all of the sudden her whole tone changed & she walked me through how to get the lock off & turning back on my own power.

As soon as I could turn on a light I was probably the happiest person on the face of the earth. I thanked her for a full 5 minutes while we made sure I wouldn’t get charged for ripping off their lock.  I put away the weeks worth of groceries that I bought (to replace the rancid food I lost in the power outage) and finally was able to get back to normal again.

Also, the Mr figured out where the ants were coming from (under the sink) we can’t figure out why the concentration was centered there as there is nothing under the sink, but we cleaned it with lysol which instantly killed all the ants, rubbed it down with citrus extract & I’m buying talc today to draw a boarder around it so hopefully this is the beginning of the end for the ant problem.

KNITTING: I have knitting & pictures for you all tomorrow I promise! No more whining! 😀 Also I’m being informed that assholery isn’t a word. It totally should be, it’s so descriptive.


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  1. Have laughed and laughed reading your post. Also glad to know I am not the only one who runs into bureacratic situations. Thanks for sharing.

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