You Just Gotta Laugh Sometimes.

I had a lovely (though be it HOT) weekend in Mesa visiting my SIL & niece. I will get more into that when I have the pictures downloaded. I all planned to get home, turn on my computer, and upload my pictures while I went to bed (as I ended up taking about 400).  Unfortunately life had other plans.

When I got home, unlocked my front door & flipped on the light switch…nothing happened. Suspicious, I walked (in the dark, mind you it’s 11pm) to the kitchen and flipped on those light switches.  Nothing. I can’t explain to you the rage that ran through my soul at that moment. Just know that I don’t think I have instantly been so completely filled with pure rage as I was in that moment. It was so bad that when the Mr tried to talk to me to get me to come back out of the red I just growled (and yes I did actually growl the words at him instead of yelling, because, it was 11pm, and I didn’t want to wake the neighbors) “Mr, I love you more than anything in the world, but if you talk to me right now I’m going to take this out on you, and then I will cry for bring a jerk to you, and it will make things worse. I love you, but right now I need to burn this fire out.”

Being ever the smart and wonderful and absolutely fantastic man he is, he left to go find out kerosene camping lamps & flash lights.  Knowing me like he does I thank god that he’s so incredibly wonderful & intelligent to know that when you stir a fire in a Scandinavian women we head strait for berserker mode and that our brains are at that moment not at all hooked up to our bodies.

So after 35 minutes on hold with California Edison I hung up. Because remember I have no power, the only way my cell phone is remotely charged is because I sat in the car with it running in my driveway for the 35 mintues I was on hold. Trying one last time I call back & get through right away.

Finding myself in the grips of probably the most nasty woman on the face of the earth I agree to the 24$ same day service charge (remember, I have paid my bill, and my deposit already and now they are charging me again!!!) and am told that the following things are my fault.

1. I did not ever have service at the residence where I live. By choosing a alternate billing address when we first moved, I had service THERE, not where I live. So that means that they were double charging for my inlaws house? WTF????
2. That even though I called THURSDAY July 3rd and made sure my billing address now matched the service address because I can now receive mail there, it didn’t mean I had service there and that my power would have stayed on.
3. The ruined groceries in the fridge & freezer were my own problem

So since I NEEDED power (hello hot water anyone?!) I let it all pass which angered the Mr beyond all means (not at me but at them for pulling this bs).  I calmed the Mr down by reminding him of our wonderful weekend, we got to see his sister and our niece. We had some fabulous family time with his parents, we laughed with the parents SO HARD as we passed the “Adult Factory Outlet” (that’s where all the “seconds” and “malformed” go LOL!) we got to see Taliesin West where Frank Lloyd Wright had his first architect school, we had good German food, and I got to go to a new knitting store, we found the new pump needed for our camping stove and saw the best fireworks I’ve seen since the re-opening of the visitor center at Mount Rushmore (and they were spectacular!)  from the HWY (traffic was actually STOPPED so we got to watch them from the AC) and all in all had a fabulous weekend.  This is a hiccup and though irritating beyond belief it’s really no big deal. It’s ok to get mad, but you really have to get over it. Life’s to short.

And though I didn’t sleep more than 2 hours last night (because I’m a worry wart and kept thinking that my cell phone would die and I would have no alarm to wake me up in the morning so I kept waking up to check it) and with out our bedroom fan we heard house noises we’ve never heard before, which caused us to get up several times to investigate creepy noises, we are ok.

I called the power company back this morning, was blessed with the most wonderful customer service rep EVER and am filing a claim for the ruined groceries in the fridge & freezer and they are waiving the same day activation fee (she that that was absurd to begin with) and now I am quite pleased. As long as my power is on when I get home I will be a happy camper.

Some days you have to remember that shit happens to everyone. We all deal with it and it’s not doled out more to one person or another. It’s our choices in how we deal with the hand we are given that really defines how happy we are and what kind of people we become. I’d like to think that we did the best we could with the circumstances.

Also, um, does anyone know any organic or non-toxic way to get rid of grease ants? 8 ant traps, 12 ant steaks in the yard, & 1 gallon of out door poison blocker sprayed along the perimeter of the house and I was invaded again sometime last night. This time they have found the cat food. I’m going to need to do something INSIDE I think. Also, did you know that Lysol 4 in 1 cleaner kills them instantly? Kills more than germs! 😀

Happy Monday!!!


4 thoughts on “You Just Gotta Laugh Sometimes.

  1. they hate baby powder (preferably scented talcum). If you find a trail of them in your house, or some “scouts” looking for food so they can bring the rest of their nest to enjoy it, just sprinkle the baby powder on the ants and wherever they are coming in from, if you can find it, and you will see them begin to get upset. After a while, they’ll be gone, and they won’t be back again for awhile, even after you remove the powder. We dust baby powder on our honey jar and sugar bowl, as well as the outside of the cats’ dish and it keeps the ants off.

    • Sounds crazy, but try vinegar! Fill a squirt bottle with plain old cheap white vinegar, and squirt it anyplace you’ve seen ants (kitchen counters, windowsills, etc) and let it dry. It’s non-toxic, won’t harm anything, and the smell will go away in just a couple of minutes. It worked for me!

    • I have a suggestion for the ant problem; plain old cinnamon. I put in or at the site of the ant invasion, they back off quick!

    • Black pepper is a nonlethal, poison free, cheap, and safe way to get rid of ants – sprinkle the black pepper where you see them congregating and watch ‘them scatter. Follow them to where they’re exiting – which is the same spot they’re entering in at – and sprinkle the pepper at that spot to keep them from coming back in. It’s safe to use in your cabinets, on windowsills, near your pets and kids, around food, etc.

    • I have a book with several tips for the use of apple cider vinegar. One of them is getting rid of ants. Make a mixture of 50/50 water and vinegar and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the surface with the solution several times a day. Ants guide themselves with their scent. Vinegar has a natural chemical that alters ants’ scent and which ants avoid.

    • My husband was in conversation recently with a gentleman in the pest control business. This man preferred to use environmentally safe methods to control pests. His recommendation for ants was: equal parts Windex and Ivory Soap. Simply mix, and spray problem areas.

    • Most ant poisons have a sweetness to them that attracts most but not all ants. Some ants are attracted to grease. Observe your ants and see what they like, maybe you need a different bait. Also, though this is sometimes difficult, see if you can trace them back to where they are getting in, because caulking is usually the best solution, as it prevents recurrence.

    Organic Suggestions from the Organic Gardner:
    Outdoor Ant Control
    Supplies: 1 to 2 gallons water
    Stove or barbecue grill
    Instructions: Heat water to 160 to 170 degrees. Quietly sneak up to the mounds of ants and pour the boiling water down the hole.
    Note: I normally try to do this between 11am and 2 pm.

    Indoor Ant Control
    Supplies: 1 tbsp. boric acid
    1 tbsp. mint jelly or peanut butter
    1 cracker
    Small cardboard box
    Instructions: Mix the boric acid and mint jelly; spread mixture on a cracker. Punch pinholes in a cardboard box; place cracker inside. Place box in an area where ants cause problems, but away from children and pets.
    Note: The mint jelly or peanut butter lures the ants in and the boric acid kills them.

  2. One more Organic suggesiton found:

    Indoor and Outdoor Ant Control
    Supplies: Diatomaceous earth
    Instructions: Dust food-grade diatomaceous earth along the ant’s pathways.
    Note: The white powder will cut through their exoskeleton and they will dehydrate and die.

    Indoor and Outdoor Ant Control Supplies:
    1 1/2 cup Cream of Wheat
    Instructions: Place a dish of Cream of Wheat where the ants can access it.
    Note: After they eat it, the cereal expands and the ants will explode.

  3. Sorry to hear your homecoming was such a bummer, but as you said, it could have been worse.

    I use to take Ajax camping for ants so I would imagine it works around the house, too.

    May your blade be ever sharp, and may you have little cause to draw it
    May your roof tree shelter friends and family
    May your table always groan under feast foods and flowing mead
    And may your hearth always hear tales of good deeds.

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