Plane Knitting…A Poll

Next friday my husband and I will board a plane headed for Minnesota to attend my grandmother’s wake and funeral.  This is a long flight. Matt and I both did it every month in the short span we were dating before we married (people are amazed that we only dated 4 months, but in reality who can afford 400 bucks every month?! It made so much sense!).

 Anywho. I’m almost finished with my Velpuri sweater which I am totally in love with. I plan on wearing it a lot in Minnesota. Lambs Pride, I love you *kisses*.

And since we all know I have no self control in terms of my ravelry queue I have much to choose from to start. Course, I need help choosing.  I could take stuff for a hat, but people, I’m a serious fast knitter & would be done in 2 hours (of a 5 hour flight). So I’m thinking of *gasp* another sweater. Because ya know, I knit sweaters & sweaters & more sweaters.

Should I go for

CPH (in lovely green LP Worsted)

Woodland Shawl (In purple variated silky malabrigo YUM!)

Wanda (in Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece Color yet to be determined)

Also help me not be a random victim of Knitocity (where in you knit something because “OMG It’s cute & it’s cabled & it’s unique” but then get through the project & realize, “what the hell was I thinking!?” I love the following pattern much as I love it’s fancy cousin from Rowan, would this make me a what not to wear victim with my eye’s barred out in Glamour? 😦


DELURK yourselves, I need some advice! 🙂


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